Saturday, August 23, 2008


busby seo test blog PR 0 with 4,866,732 alexa traffic rank


Yahoo back links: ( 322 )
Altavista back links: ( 310 )

as of 8/23/2008

Tapi kalau anda kebetulan membaca halaman ini dan ingin mendukung, maka buat posting di blog anda dan sisipkan link dengan

kata yang di-link: ‘busby seo test‘
dan link ke:

I need quite a more support link to my blog using anchor text “busby seo challenge” and URL as ""

hope blog will be soon back to top 50th spot

I would love to have a rest after so much of effort in Busby SEO Test in the journey and hurdles of the contest , I would love to challenge more teams in the test and might able to lead the challenge with this test blog at times due to my hectic work as an SEO the dancing of my Busby position in Busby Test for SEO Gurus . I came into this first busby test challenge rather late . I know that it is never too late in SEO contests worldwide. I am gaining rather than loosing and will come up with much more amount of traffic in coming days in the strongest test . The battle of SEO world , which decide who is the best white hat SEO master in the worldcup in Busby to really come up from nowhere and win the Test . I am really astonished to see that most of the SEO are not aware of the quality of content one should put into such a Busby Search of SEO Challenge . Content can never be neglected in such a longing challenge of the Busby master in SEO Challenge. You may never know who might use the strongest weapon when their is no one in the ground of battle of the Busby Strongest SEO who can win the Challenge . Be prepared as I come back from the bottom to make a fightback into the Busby SEO fight to regain the position in the Challenge . The backlinks show how much strong I can be and the traffic and PR are great examples of my force to punch back to the Busby the worldcup of the SEO Challenge . Never Challenge a person having a more aged domain and also more PR . It is a fact I would love to win in the challenge by overturning the SERP in Busby Test . I thank those who have already visited my site and have subscribed to my feed for the test.