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Google-Alogirthm-going-to -change

Anchor Text is becoming less important. In older days the rankings were based very heavily on anchor text rather than on-site optimisation .There are two types of SERP k One rank due to the Trustworthiness of the incoming links and others that rank because they have thousands of paid links with same keywords in the anchor text.Nobody really naturally links to a commercial sites. The links are all mostly made reciprocal or just paid links.I have seen some websites that previously ranked on the top in SERRP have dropped down by a number of places.Even my blog suffered a lot of hitbacks. I am sure I can still come back up in busby seo challenge keyword. I am working hard for the challenge of seo's in busby contest . The contest of busby challenge is in the last face . The winners would be decided in a week's time .

I want to be first in for the term busby SEO Challenge.

The leader board for busby seo challenge keyword is updating so fast due to google dancing . Each data center might have a different rank . As of now the leaders are pogung177 is in first followed by spheretam and imfreakz. The second group is ardhinugraha and rayofshadow .One more week to go as the Challenge is being mostly overpowered by the Indonesian team. I am a player from India do I really have a chance in the busby seo challenge . We are going to be listed on top of the busby seo challenge leaderboard.

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Domain Registration . The domain name itself is a very important factor in how your website ranks. Decide for what keywords you want the site to rank high before purchasing a domain.

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Keyword Competitiveness should also be analyzed before you choose the domain. Do not tend to buy domains that may have a trade mark problem.

Deep link ratio based on 100 results: 99.67 %
(304.00 deep links/304.00 total incoming links)

Use different descriptive title tags on all of your web pages to show what the page is about.

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Title tag is the most important tag, almost all search engines evaluate webpage with title tag and check the relevancy with other elements of the page as well, and search engines also present results of a search by displaying webpage titles as links in the first line of each query result.

Deep link ratio based on 10 results : 100.00 %
(346.00 deep links/346.00 total incoming links)

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Description tag is the very important tag, search engines take webpage description through this tag, though search engines don’t give any importance to this tag in their ranking algorithms but this tag can lead searchers to motivate and visit your website.

Deep link ratio based on 50 results : 100.00 %
(306.00 deep links/306.00 total incoming links)

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Keywords tag has lost its value, search engines keep getting smarter, they have set their own criterion to identify web pages with their relevancies, they take each word as “keyword phrase” that is presented at webpage and they keep those words in priorities with their densities. There is no harm in utilizing this tag for marginally better results.

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I need quite a lot of support please do link to me using anchor text “busby seo challenge” and Url of the link as ""

Now my blog has gone out of top 100 due to google dancing . The data centers have different data

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Alternate text commonly referred to as Alt, is a text description that can be added to the HTML tag that displays an image. The ALT text is displayed by the browser when the cursor is moved over the picture. If pictures are turned off in the browser, the Alt text is automatically displayed instead.

An SEO 1.1 Web Design

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Link title is displayed text by the browser when cursor is moved over the link.
An Anchor link is a little different from a hyperlink, a hyperlink directs to a complete webpage but anchor link directs to a specific area of a particular webpage, it may be at same page or different page or even at different domain.

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A Website's information architecture can greatly affect on its search engine visibility. Specific page elements, such as the site navigation scheme, and design technologies, such as CSS and JavaScript, can interfere with search engines ability to spider a site.

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A site map helps visitors navigate large, complicated sites by showing its entire structure. It is also used as a master diagram of the Web site for Web designers.

quality links help you gain a good PR and also help you gain a good traffic

Busby Seo Challenge busby

begin from scratch to win busby seo contest and just think outside the original anchor links and inklinks go for good content .

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I would like to be a professional busby seo successful ranked at the top of the busby challenge.

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Robots.txt is a file placed on your server to guide the various search engine spiders not to crawl or index certain sections or pages of your site. You can use it to prevent indexing totally, prevent certain areas of your site from being indexes or to issue individual indexing instructions to specific search engines.

I may not win the contest but i can show off a great fight with the other competitor.

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