Thursday, August 21, 2008

Keyword challenge cloud for busby seo challenge

I am just getting a good traffic to my blog and i am now placed in the top 100 for the keyword busby seo search and i am on 640 position for keyword busby seo challenge .I hope i can come up for the busby seo challenge.

I have a good keyword challenge density. Here is the challenge density cloud for the busby challenge of SEO industry .

I must sure be able to rank better in the busby challenge in coming days with a pretty good amount of text backlinks .

The sitemap and url would be pretty good. Challenge is still on and thanks for all those who visited my blog . Thanks for promoting me in the busby challenge.

Here is busby challenge cloud you are waiting to watch.

Google search results have been a little wired when you take the Dancing effect of Google due to other Data Centers. It is just unusual. The searches competition also reduced and now the terms that were once in the tons and millions for competion are now showing results of just thousands . It will surely affect my blog it effects badly on my Busby SEO Challenges BlogDespite the algorithm shift, the competitive reduced and I lost a bit on the SERP.