Monday, September 15, 2008

SEO BUM vs DP vs UK Webmasters forum

I am a member of SEO BUM , DP and UK webmasters forum. DP is one of the largest forum while the other two are relatively smaller . The posting contest in SB has made it a high fly start . It is now growing like nothing and no one can ever stop it from growth , the contest is pretty tight and it is like a marathon race . The leaders feel like they will get overtaken in the long run . I have made a great start but have to keep up the pace . I think I am having other community matters like concentrate on Intel Online Focus Group . I am really enjoying my fight and I have great friends like Nada , Static , tsdesigns and silent_thunder. I am not sure what their actual names are , but as the SEO BUM contest progress I will be seeing a lot of friends around . I am already started to get a lot of friends request and PM's . I am looking forward to become a moderator of the largest forum ever . SB really rocks and I am sure I will stay back in all the forums as far as possible . I am really enjoying the great time in SEO . I invite you all to join .

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