Friday, March 12, 2010

MMA pound for pound SEO contest

MMA pound for pound has been a big fighting arena for mixed martial art fighters. The next big things is the SEO contest for the same key-phrase. I have been working hard towards optimizing my entry for the pound fighter SEO contest. I am happy that I was well ahead in the race for so many days. I have just feel short but I don't think it won't last long and the short impact will surely get past as we move towards the final days. The mma pound for pound contest is going to be still harder in the coming days. I am not sure why most of the participants have stopped some of their major activities to concentrate on the SEO contest. I am sure that the best man will win in the race irrespective of the domain name advantage. Domain name do have an advantage while we participate in SEO contest. The advantage is not a big one but it do certainly help if we have a domain name that has the major keywords in that. I am planning to try my level best to finish in the top 3 position. I hope that I would be able to achieve the same. Let us all hope that the best man wins the competition.

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