Friday, October 3, 2008

Today as the SEO Industry is having a lot of challenges like Busby SEO Test alot of people are being attracted to the industry.SEO industry has grown much larger apart from the old SEO industry . SEM being the large scale industry SEO has also enlarged it's size in a large way . The SEO 2.0 is the new era of SEO with social networking and social marketing on the high front and rest of the on-page stuff and anchor things going to the back end. I see a lot of new techniques like RSS feeds , Blogs , Contests etc are brought into action to increase traffic to specific website . The conversion/sales is what is going to be the major need. Content is always king and will be the king while links become the kingdom on which the king has to rule. The change in the keyword density and other changes like dynamic URL preference all will bring a significant change in the results of this busby test . Hope we do be seeing new winners in the contest

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