Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Along with the Busby SEO Test i am also participating in the SEO Bum posting contest.

Contest will start September 1st when the forum opens. The winners will be based on post count, referrals, and blog entries.

Currently over $2,000 in prizes!

Grand Prize
$500 via Paypal from SEO Bum and an offer to become a moderator

2nd - 4th Place
Rob is offering 3 copies of Blogslammer software. So 2nd, 3rd and 4th place will get one of these in addition to their other prize. - Value $69.95 each

2nd - 8th Place
A choice of one of the following. Second place chooses first then third, ect.

1. Kris from Pepperjam is offering $100 deposit in affiliate account and also an autographed copy of his best-selling book on search engine marketing
2. Brent from Hostgator is offering web hosting for 1 year with swamp plan - Value $180
3. Adi from Two Believers is offering Guaranteed Press Release Writing service - Value $195
4. Mike from Better Visitors is offering a 30,000 visitor campain - Value $115
5. Melencio from DesignFXpro is offering a custom mascot (check his portfolio, amazing) - Value $100
6. Jason from Iwhic web hosting is offering a 1 year advanced reseller plan - Value $108
7. Matthew Rochow is offering 1 free PSD to HTML/CSS coding with all the bells and whistles - Value $175

9th - 20th place
$50 via Paypal

Your code for referrals is in your UserCP
Each referral is worth 30 points. Referrals must make at least 5 posts to count.
Please do not spam your referral code.

Each post is worth is worth 2 points.

Each thread is worth is worth 5 points.

Blog Posts
Each blog post in your blog is worth is worth 3 points.

Blog About The Contest
You will be rewarded 50 points for this. See more details.

Moderators will be strictly monitoring each thread and post to look for people trying to cheat the system. If a majority of your threads or posts are just one liners, they will be deleted to keep the contest fair.

All points are calculated daily and can be viewed on the contest leaders page. Moderators and Admins appear on the contest page but are not in the running for prizes.

The contest starts September 1st and will end November 1st

Join here