Wednesday, July 1, 2009

sulumits retsambew to win

Sulumits Retsambew new post and a new blog that is going to be used to test the domain age influence in the SEO Contest. The web 2.0 factors have already been tested and now it is time to test the domain age factor. The latest SEO Contest in 2009 is having lot of charity participants and it seems really hard to taken a new entry toward the top of this contest. I am now just trying my level best to take this blog on to the top 100 position and then finally towards the end I can just rank somewhere near the top 10 entries. I am hoping for the best and the contest still has one month left. Anything can happen in big SEO contests like sulumits retsambew. As of now the keyword domains are doing much better than all other entries. Some of the keyword domains are too weak and can be easily overthrown with strong entries. Let us all wait and see what is going to happen in the SEO contest.

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